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These Are The Top 5 Articles You Read On Rojak Daily In 2017
We can't thank you enough dear reader, for the support (and the clicks) that you've given us. It has been a great 2017, and we want to tell more stories that you love in 2018 so keep checking RojakDaily.com for greater things ahead. 

We're bananas about you
With that out of the way, here are the articles you enjoyed this year from Rojak Daily and Rojak Daily KAW. Yes, they're different: one is in English and KAW covers all things entertainment in Bahasa. Oh, also there's SKOP, the latest edition to our ever growing empire of daily stories (read: tiny office of nine people). 

1. Loob Holding And Tealive Don't Want You To Read This Story 
"Move along, nothing to see here."
Can you believe the great 'Tea Wars' happened at the beginning of this year? It doesn't even seem to matter now because Chatime is a distant dream and Tealive seems to have maintained their dominance in Malaysia. We knew this was a story that had to be told and that many news outlets were hesitant to tell. It was a story that was in direct opposition to the victim narrative that Loob Holdings had spun and it wasn't very Malaysian to back foreigners trying to take back their franchise. Once again, we'd like to acknowledge the talents at burgielaw.com who were gracious enough to allow us to republish their findings. 

2. Remember Charice The Teenage Singing Sensation? She's Now A Man
"Dude looks like a lady"
The artist formerly known as Charice stirred a lot of conversation on our Facebook page and on the article itself. The Adam and Steve argument was brought up, naturally. So, as of this list, the two things that interest Malaysians are: shady business tactics and transgender singers. The news of his real identity, Jake shook all of us in the office and we quickly pounced on the chance to post it first. 

3. Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka Just Announced The New Malay Word For ‘Photobomb’ And It Sounds Fishy
This story came out in October and since then the term tunafoto hasn't quite taken off. Unlike horrible words like "bae" and "fleek" that are pervasive and sullies the English language, tunafoto remains relatively unused. C'mon guys, it's a funny word that needs more recognition. Hashtag #tunafoto today. Show some love. #tunafoto

4. Chatime Malaysia is Closing. Go Out and Enjoy Your Final Cups of Chatime
Where's all the Chatime stores?
Number four and number one on this is list is about Chatime, or rather, the closing of Chatime and the rise of Tealive. We should probably thank them for all the tea-riffic traffic. This article garnered a lot of conversation, even in the comments section which is usually emptier than SS2 Mall. We're not sure if the 106 people who commented on the post realised that Chatime was just being replaced by Tealive or did they just stick around long enough to leave a comment and read the headline without reading the rest of the article. 

5. This RM800 dUCk Scarf Sold Out in Just FIVE Minutes. Here’s Why
"RM800 bucks for a scarf?!"
We listed five reasons why the RM800 scarf sold out in five minutes. In the comments you guys were quick to call us out on the spelling of the words dUCk. That's d and k in small letters and UC capped. Well, considering that a Burberry cashmere scarf retails for RM2,350, RM800 isn't that far off. Also, the writer of the article is a hardcore fan of Vivy Yusof. C'mon Vivy, give us that exclusive interview. 

Here's what you read in Bahasa from our KAW brethren with comments from their writer. Since this writer can't type in Malay to save a baby seal (sorry PETa), her comments will follow each article (all of which she wrote by the way).

1. "6 Tahun Lepas, Saya Tidak Cukup Wang Dan Hanya Mampu Buat Majlis Akad Nikah Sahaja" - Shuib Sepahtu
101,000 shares on Facebook. This story took off.
"Rasanya ramai yang tahu bagaimana Shuib dan Sarah mengharungi susah senang mereka bersama-sama. Saya turut mengagumi pasangan yang cukup humble ini dan mereka layak dijadikan #relationshipgoals!" – Rojak Daily KAW 

2. 16 Orang (Dan Seekor Haiwan) Paling Viral Tahun 2016
Viral infections. The good kind.
"Sempena tahun 2016, ini rangkuman 16 orang yang pada pendapat saya, paling menyerlah dalam tahun itu, tidak kira dalam bidang apa pun. Seekor haiwan itu pula, berjaya membuatkan satu Malaysia kecoh. Apa khabar Cikaboo sekarang?" – Rojak Daily KAW 

3. Idea Gadis Sabah Ini Minta Syarat Jadi Polis Dan Askar Dilonggarkan Buat KJ Terhibur
"Notice me KJ senpai"
"Saya puji keberanian gadis ini untuk bercakap di depan khalayak ramai, depan YB KJ, minta syarat polis dan askar di Sabah dilonggarkan. Cara dia cakap, 'pindik-pindik tagap' tu kelakar tapi niatnya sampai. Pertama kali tonton video gadis ni, terus saya kata, 'aku kene buat artikel pasal ni'!" – Rojak Daily KAW

4. Pembayang Mata Disangka Pewarna Jari, Sephora Kerugian RM5,400 Angkara Seorang Kanak-Kanak
There's a lifehack video out there that can teach you how to clean this up and put it back together
"Saya seorang penggemar make-up dan berkecai hati ni tengok eye shadow tu musnah sebab sorang budak nakal. Ramai perempuan share artikel ni sebab mereka juga rasa apa yang saya rasa. Nasib baik tak berlaku di Malaysia!" – Rojak Daily KAW

5. Kenapa Anda Perlu Menonton Filem TOMBIRUO? Ini 8 Sebabnya
It's like 'The Mask' but yellow and swole
"Ramai peminat novel Ramlee Awang Murshid ternanti-nantikan filem adaptasi novel Tombiruo ini di pawagam, termasuklah saya. Jadi, dapat menonton filem ini semasa tayangan perdana bersama pelakon utama begitu mengujakan dan setelah artikel ini ditulis, ramai yang komen dan tagged kawan, keluarga dan pasangan masing-masing ajak pergi tengok filem ni di pawagam. Best!" – Rojak Daily KAW

There you have it. The top 10 articles on RojakDaily.com for your re-reading pleasure. Also, shoutout to Rojak Daily SKOP and their top article, Dulu Dompet Kosong, Sekarang Ada Empat Cawangan Restoran! It has 13,100 shares on Facebook and is a inspirational story of rags to riches. 

It has been an amazing year bringing your the best stories on the internet, here's to many more in 2018.

Sumber These Are The Top 5 Articles You Read On Rojak Daily In 2017


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